Intellectual property law

The protection of intellectual property (IP) in the areas of trademarks, domain names, copyright, design patents, utility models and patents is gaining increasing importance in the service era and in light of continued globalisation. Ideas, know-how and well-known brands are of the greatest economic significance.

We develop strategies in order to protect our clients’ intellectual property in the best possible way from imitation, exploitation or other harm, and implement these successfully. We advise our clients with regard to the use of rights, for example by developing and negotiating licence contracts. In addition, we take care of the extra-judicial or judicial enforcement or defence of our clients’ rights.

A particular focus of our activity lies in the area of trademark law. We render advice in connection with the choice of trademarks, company names or other signifiers, by analysing the legal options of a use or registration of the corresponding signs, and where applicable, highlighting the path towards risk minimisation. We handle the proper trademark registration and proceed where necessary against trademark infringers.

Thanks to our broad service profile, we also administer entire worldwide trademark portfolios for our clients. This comprehensive trademark care makes it possible for our clients to hand over all of the issues regarding the preservation of their rights into our experienced, trustworthy hands and enables us to render advice which takes account of everything.

In the case of disputes about the infringement of patents and utility models, we assist our clients with legal and tactical advice and represent them in court utility-model and patent-infringement proceedings. In this context, we work closely together with reliable patent attorneys on technical issues and questions relating to the granting of proprietary rights.