Resolving legal disputes is part of our daily routine. We are wholly on our clients’ side, without losing sight of the chance of an extra-judicial settlement in our clients’ interests. We represent our clients in all kinds of court proceedings, right though all of the instances. For cases at the highest German federal courts, we work closely together with respectively-admitted attorneys who are known to us, in order to ensure comprehensive legal advice. For years we have been representing clients in international arbitration proceedings as well, particularly in ICC and ad hoc proceedings with practical knowledge about the various arbitration proceedings rules.

Before the commencement of a judicial dispute, we develop a well-founded and clear analysis of the litigation possibilities and risks. Together with our clients, we develop a litigation strategy and lay out the way forward in a foresighted and active manner. We sight evidentiary material, experts instructed, or render advice in connection with the selection of any arbitrators, wholly with a view to a client-oriented resolution of the conflict.