Real estate

We demonstrate excellent legal management in the area of real estate law too. We assist private individuals and companies regarding all of the issues pertaining to real properties, buildings and structures, with practical advice and branch-specific knowledge. This includes the contractual side of things, and also all public-law aspects, such as the obtaining of permits, above all in connection with complex projects.

In construction law we assist both the principal and the contractor with all legal issues involving the development, planning, construction and financing of buildings and industrial facilities in all phases of the project.

With regard to real estate usage law, our special focus lies in issues concerning commercial and private tenancy law as well as facility and asset management.

Due to our transaction competence and our distinctive real estate law knowledge, of course we also assist our clients with all purchasing and sales issues with regard to real estate, where we keep a professional eye on the complex questions of real estate law, corporate law, tax law and financial law.